Vermont Medical Alert

Larry Gilbert, Outreach Director

802.225.6448 / 802.272.0425
3 Pitkin Court, Suite 102
Montpelier, VT 05601

VMA provides 365/24/7 contact service for elders living independently. We provide wearable pendants and fixed units, both of which enable immediate contact when needed

Seniors living independently – either in their own homes or in a more formal setting – often need assistance. Generally these are not emergency situations but are still times when help is needed. Our service allows each person to designate a list of people – friends, family, neighbors – that can be called. But in true emergencies, we are partnered with three national companies that allow us to dispatch professional help, as well

There is a concept known as The Golden Hour. This is the period just after a medical event where help has the most benefit. Waiting to get help beyond this time can have serious detrimental health impacts. Our alert technology enables help to be summoned immediately.

Seniors using alert systems feel safer, more independent, and less isolated.