Transition Real Estate – Keller Williams

Ben Durant, Owner

68 Randall Street
South Burlington, VT 05403

Transitions Real Estate has the singular focus of helping seniors make their best move possible. Owner Ben Durant has significant experience with staging and contractor management that allows him to sell a home for the maximum price while guiding our clients through complex world of real estate to make their move easy and stress free. Ben provides way more services than the average real estate firm, but doesn’t charge more for that service.

Impact Or Assist The Senior Population?

Moving for anyone is hard and moving for seniors can be next to impossible – many seniors stay in a home that no longer suits them too long and because of this, they often don’t get to experience their best life. Transitions is all about providing empathy and care to make moving a task that seniors can accomplish. Ben Durant works very hard to manage the details, and as is often necessary, make the subtle and affordable changes to their home to make it sell quickly and for the maximum possible.