The Malley Group at KW Vermont

Melanie Saia, Realtor, Director of Staging Services

Nate Malley, CEO of The Malley Group

68 Randall Street
South Burlington, VT 05403

The Malley Group is the #1 Real Estate Team in Vermont. Our group of experienced agents helped more people buy and/or sell their homes than any other agent or team in 2017 and 2018. With The Malley Group, you aren’t getting just the help of one agent but rather the dedication of an entire team focused on helping our clients achieve their Real Estate goals.

  • Impact Or Assist The Senior Population?  The Malley Group has assisted hundreds of seniors along with their families in preparing and selling their homes. We understand that transitions can be difficult for anyone especially someone downsizing from their lifelong home. We take great care to help our senior clients overcome these hurdles and minimize their stress. As part of our Senior Services we work with our clients to prioritize tasks, make recommendations for handymen, painters, electricians, cleaners, moving resources etc. We create a customized photo checklist with large print, for each senior client to help them stay organized. We have a storage unit of staging materials that we will use, if necessary, to present the home in it’s best light for photography and marketing. We pay for the professional photography and produce strategic marketing material for online and in home showings. With senior sellers the goal is to obtain the best offer in the shortest time frame possible thereby reducing the amount of time the homeowner is inconvenienced with showings. The Malley Group takes the time to truly understand the senior client’s goals and designs a customized plan to deliver upon them with the highest level of quality. We take great pride in the consistent customer service and care that we provide our senior clients throughout the entire process. We set high standards for ourselves. Our senior clients deserve it!