Singular Services, LLC

Tina Wendon, Owner, founder


Essentially, we are an errand and concierge service. We aim to facilitate quality time for seniors and their families by taking care of their to-do list. Our slogan is: “It’s Your Time!—do what you love, we’ll take care of the rest”. However, we bring a broad skill set and ingenuity to each situation. Perhaps a beloved senior would enjoy relating their life story to someone who will listen patiently, transcribe and create an heirloom-quality book for family to enjoy for generations? Perhaps a less mobile person needs help finding something suitable to wear to their grandson’s wedding? Perhaps they need help with pets or finding gifts, or keeping up with the kids on social media? So many possibilities, unique to each client!

We make seniors feel more relevant, current and capable. We alleviate loneliness, create meaning and foster a sense of independence.