Rites of Passage, LLC

Kristabeth Atwood, Founder

88 Green Acres Drive
Burlington, VT 05408

I provide inclusive spiritual care for all of life’s seasons, offer tools for navigating life’s changes, and design and officiate personalized rituals to mark life’s transitions.

In my work with Rites of Passage, LLC,  I offer a healthy way for people to acknowledge and accept life’s changes. Seniors face many changes, including downsizing, illness, loss of loved ones, and decreased independence. Through my practice of spiritual care and ritual design, I seek to ease the stress of life transitions, while helping clients acknowledge feelings of loss and sadness, as well as gratitude and hope. I also provide tools for end-of-life planning and preparation customized to the client’s unique beliefs, worldview, community, economic, and family situation. I welcome clients of all beliefs and perspectives, including those who are very spiritual (or even religious), those have been hurt by religion, and those who are more comfortable with a secular worldview.