Money Care, LLC

Robyn Young, Owner/Certified Daily Money Manager®

P.O. Box 727
Williston, VT 05495

Money Care, LLC is a daily money management service that assists individuals with administering the financial details of their lives. Money Care eases the burden of managing bill paying, bookkeeping and other day-to-day financial details for individuals and their families. Money Care serves as agent by power of attorney or financial guardian for clients who need this higher level service. Money Care follows the Code of Ethics of the American Association of Daily Money Managers.

Money Care’s services are individualized and confidential. Services include:

  • Monitoring and reconciling financial accounts
  • Overseeing cash flow
  • Managing bill payments, verifying they are paid on time
  • Tracking income and expenses
  • Reviewing, sorting and explaining the mail
  • Overseeing charitable contributions and gifts
  • Helping to protect clients from financial abuse and fraud
  • Organizing tax documents and financial records
  • Preparing documents for client’s accountant, attorney, and financial advisor
  • Providing guidance and support to navigate financial institutions and service providers
  • Coordinating paperwork to update estate, beneficiary, and gifting plans


Money Care’s services provide seniors and their families’ peace of mind. Money Care helps seniors maintain their independence and the ability to remain living in their homes.


Please note: “Certified Daily Money Manager” is a trade mark of the American Association of Daily Money Managers, and thus needs to be followed by the “R-in-a-circle.” Thanks!