Living Well Group

Paul Kervick, Co-founder, President & Community Outreach

Dee Deluca, Co-founder, CEO & Treasurer

Karen Robinson, COO (accounting/financial matters)

Jeana Lavalee, House Manager (for Living Well Residence)

Mary Mougey, Administrator (for Ethan Allen Residence)

802.658.1573 / 802.497.1597 (for Living Well Group & Ethan Allen Residence)
802.453.3946 / 802.453.6661 (for Living Well Residence)
1200 North Avenue
Burlington, VT 05408

Since incorporating as a nonprofit entity in 2004, Living Well Group has implemented and expanded its innovative programs in Level III residential care. It is a basis of our endeavors, a single facet of a broader purpose, to redefine what it means to age in America—with security, dignity, and connection to vital and caring communities. To that end, our programs focus on providing whole-person quality care, using the most healthful, holistic ways possible; promoting wellness through demonstrating that holistic, sustainable practices that value integrity, transparency and respect for the human spirit are viable methods for caring for the elderly and disabled in our communities.

As innovators in residential elder care, Living Well Group is currently poised to more broadly influence systemic change in providing quality, equitable health care for elders. Recognized as meeting persistent healthcare challenges in long-term care, the State of Vermont and a number of private investors have acknowledged Living Well Group as the leader in sustainable principles and cost-beneficial practices.

Living Well Group operates two level 3 residential care campuses serving people age 40 or older, one in Addison County, the Living Well Residence in Bristol and a second campus location in Chittenden County, the Ethan Allen Residence, in Burlington.

Our goal is to care for our residents using the most healthful, holistic ways possible, with the least impact on our environment. To that end, Living Well Group dedicates itself to whole-person quality care, community involvement, sustainable practices, active communication among staff, residents, our local community and beyond.