Living Well Group

Paul Kervick, Co-founder, President & Community Outreach Coordinator

Dee DeLuca, Co-founder, CEO & Treasurer

Karen Robinson, COO (accounting/financial matters)

Jeana Lavallee, House Manager (for Living Well Residence)

Mary Mougey, Administrator (for Ethan Allen Residence)

802.658.1573 / 802.497.1597 (for Living Well Group & Ethan Allen Residence)
802.453.3946 / 802.453.6661 (for Living Well Residence)
1200 North Avenue
Burlington, VT 05408

Since incorporating as a nonprofit entity in 2004, Living Well Group has implemented and expanded its innovative programs in Level III residential care to include three facilities in Vermont, as listed above. We now also offer consulting to Level III’s and organizations looking to operate a Level III residential care facility who wish to employ our proven practices.

Through an innovative approach to care we call conscious aging, we work with each person, their loved ones and their health providers to create days that meet residents where they are while continuing to cultivate their physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well-being.

Creating a better quality of life for our residents drives every decision we make at Living Well Communities. Because we are a non-profit organization, we are able to put all of our resources back into bettering our residential buildings, activities, events, outings, staff and our incredible Farm to Care food program.