Howard Center

Cathie Buscaglia, Director of Innovation

802.343.4147 / 802.488.6901
208 Flynn Avenue, Suite 3J
Burlington, VT 05401

Howard Center offers life-saving professional crisis and counseling services to children and adults; supportive services to individuals with autism and developmental disabilities who need help with education, employment, and life maintenance skills; counseling and medical services for those struggling with substance abuse; and intensive interventions for adults with serious and persistent mental health challenges. We offer these services to individuals across their lifespan. Howard Center was founded in 1865 and helps more than 15,000 individuals and families every year.

Many of the services offered by Howard Center are accessed by some of the seniors in our community. Howard Center is a large and complex organization and we believe that many of our neighbors and community partners are unsure of what we offer for seniors and how to navigate finding out. I hope that by joining VERG we will be able to both offer information regarding our services, and learn more about what is offered by others. I’d like to learn how we can partner with other service providers to better address service gaps for the senior population.