Get It Done, LLC

Suzanne Lourie, Owner


Get It Done, LLC is a Professional Organizing business helping families during times of transition. As a licensed clinical social worker for two decades including working in a senior living memory care community, and as an attorney prior to that, I recognize that times of change require adjustments and flexibility to make life run more smoothly. Over the years, I have helped many Vermont residents through a variety of life transitions. Below is a description of some of the services I provide:

  • Helping clients with downsizing, aging in place and moving support services. At times services are requested by the aging homeowners, and other times adult children may be looking for assistance to partner with them and their parents in the process. I can be a calming mediator between family members.
  • Working with Baby Boomers to help reorganize after their kids move out, prepare for a move to a smaller home, or simply to reduce excess so their kids won’t have the burden of all that “stuff.”
  • Helping clients through the changes that come with an illness or injury. Abilities change, so systems need to change.
  • Assistance with unpacking and organizing after a move so it quickly feels and functions like home.
  • Helping clients to create a Vital Documents reference binder. This may include creating a system so loved ones have access to end-of-life wishes. In addition, having a secure method of storing passwords in this digital age is essential, along with identifying who has permission to access sensitive information.
  • Assistance with the process for gifting items to family members now, so clients can have the joy of watching loved ones receive and enjoy them.